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Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
Ep.5: MOVEMBER EDITION - Physical & Mental Health, Sensitivity & Emotional Detachment With Josh Connolly

About the Plane Thinking Podcast

Thinking about jumping on a plane & living nomadically? This podcast is dedicated to those who have done it, are doing it and have taken that initial leap. After years of travelling around, living out of a suitcase and often feeling a little unsettled, Steph decided to utilise this platform to talk tips, tricks, strategy and life.

From job hunting to power moves, living with minimal to balling in Bali, Steph interviews a range of guests who have made the move, booked the ticket & jumped on that plane.

Plane Thinking is about stripping away the fear, to encourage you to think big.

MeetYour Hostess

Meet Your Hostess

The Plane Thinking Podcast is hosted by Steph Connolly, an educator, coach & copywriter working to elevate peoples personal brands.

Plane Thinking

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