Ep.1: MOVEMBER EDITION: The Honest Bloke

Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
Ep.5: MOVEMBER EDITION - Physical & Mental Health, Sensitivity & Emotional Detachment With Josh Connolly

Show Notes

Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
Ep.1: MOVEMBER EDITION: The Honest Bloke

To kick off Movember, I invited back into the mix – James Walsham, otherwise known as The Honest Bloke. 

In this episode we are talking about all things mens mental health, his own inner journey, and how he has been working on creating a space to welcome in other men who are beginning to open up or just looking for a space to feel safe on their journey.

We discuss everything from shadow work to the books that BANGED for him (listed below). From Lockdown to podcast launch & more. 

It was a great episode to kick off this months Movember dedication!


Midnight Library – Matt Haig 

The Truth – Neil Strauss 


Matt Cama – Shadow Work

The Honest Bloke Society:


The Honest Bloke Instagram:


The Honest Bloke Email:



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