Ep.14: How You Can Create Impact with Emily Gough

Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
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Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
Ep.14: How You Can Create Impact with Emily Gough

This week I have the absolute powerhouse that is Emily Gough, Podcast & Business Coach with her very own chart topping Podcast, Room To Grow.

Emily & I chat all things Podcasting, from launching, to the importance of telling your story, to the impact you can have through launching you own & taking the leap! 

Emily is beyond filled with knowledge and guidance, hiring her myself to coach me through my launch & vice versa. 

This week Emily is giving $100 OFF her podcasting course; Podcasting For Impact & it’s valid for ONE WEEK ONLY with the code: 


Hit the link below to claim your spot & start your podcast off with a bang!


Along with that I wanted to offer those listeners and opportunity to jump onto a FREE 30 minute clarity call with me, whether its around a Podcast or for your business.

Hit this link & let’s chat!!

If you want to find Emily anywhere; follow one of the below links!



If you fancy a little insta stalk of myself, jump onto the link below:



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