Ep.3: MOVEMBER EDITION – Mental Strength, Self-reflection & Community

Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
Ep.5: MOVEMBER EDITION - Physical & Mental Health, Sensitivity & Emotional Detachment With Josh Connolly

Show Notes

Plane Thinking
Plane Thinking
Ep.3: MOVEMBER EDITION - Mental Strength, Self-reflection & Community

This episode was an absolute to delight to record, as Ben openly talks openly and with passion about his own experience with Mental Health and the journey surrounding it.

With Suicide rates being at an all time, especially for men within Australia, Ben is determined to highlight the importance of taking just two minutes to check in on your mates.

Opening up his own space, creating community and spreading an important message, Ben has formed connections both locally and nationally, speaking openly about his vision for mens mental health as a whole and the importance of forming partnerships to support each other.

I loved Ben’s vision along with his incredible delivery of his message.

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